«South Kazakhstan – In the heart of the Silk way»

Location: Rixos Khadisha Shymkent

Date held: On 6-7 of October 2016 year

Organizers: Akimat of the South Kazakhstan region with the support of the Ministry of Investment and Development; World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

In the modern world, tourism is a major industry in the world economy, it is no more chance, the United Nations Organizations this current centenary proclaimed — A century of tourism. Leading positions in the world tourism provided, first of all, the processes of economic globalization and all the increasing interest of people to the achievements of other peoples and civilizations. The Great Silk Way — an original phenomenon of the history of humanity, it’s desire for unity and exchange of cultural values. Kazakhstan’s section of the route of The Silk Way is an unique complex of monuments of history, archeology, architecture, urban planning and monumental art, reflecting deep processes of interaction between nomadic and settled agricultural cultures of the people of Central Asia.

According to the concept of development of the tourism industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan until 2020 year, The South Kazakhstan region is positioned as the «Heart of the Silk Way», a pearl which is a object of world heritage UNESCO — the mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yassaui called a «masterpiece of human genius «, annually attracts more than one million tourists .

«ONTUSTIK TOURISM — 2016» (hereinafter — the Forum) will be a dialogue platform for meetings and negotiations between representatives of government, business, academia, media and NGOs on the development of the tourism industry on the Silk Road under the aegis of international organizations such as the UNESCO ( International organization of the UN educational, cultural and Scientific organization) World Tourism organization (World Tourism organization), Turkic Council (Turkic Council) and the Shanghai cooperation organization.


The Forum’s mission

Consolidation of efforts of public authorities of international organizations, Kazakhstan and foreign business community in order to develop joint actions aimed at creating a modern competitive tourism industry on the Silk Way  and enhancing the tourist image of the region.

Objectives of Forum

  • Get an annual international platform with the participation of international organizations and experts of the tourism industry to identify and address issues of development of the tourist potential of the Silk Way.
  • Discuss how to implement the programs accepted by international organizations in the field of tourism with the preparation of a specific calendar of tourist events of the Silk Way.
  • Attraction of investments in infrastructure projects of tourist industry in the region and the search for new forms of tourism cooperation in Kazakhstan and international context.
  • Increase the flow of tourists to the South Kazakhstan region and improving the image of the region.

Objectives of the Forum

  • Ensuring the participation of representatives of international and non-governmental organizations (UNESCO, UNWTO, SCO, Turkic Council), state bodies, public organizations and business.
  • Ensure the active participation of South Kazakhstan region in the implementation of the program of tourism development on the Silk Way.
  • Demonstration of perspective projects in the field of tourism and discuss their implementation with the expert and business — community.
  • The presentation of tourist potential of the region and the making of solutions to promote fashion events abroad, discussion the questions of of educating and raising of qualification of employees in the tourism industry.

The format of the event includes:

  1. a) carrying out a plenary meeting with the participation of representatives of international organizations, heads of state bodies and national companies of Kazakhstan, diplomatic representatives and business structures. Expected a participation of representatives of the Secretariat of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the World Tourism Organization on the implementation of the plan program of tourism development on the Silk Way, as well as representatives of the Turkic Council on a mutual tourist product «Modern Silk Way», which includes representatives from Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.
  2. b) carrying out an international fair «Silk way Tourism Fair» with the participation of tour operators, airlines, hotel complexes in countries such as Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Russia and China.
  3. c) carrying out tourist information tour of the three priority areas of the region: «The ancient Turkestan», «Eco-Ontustik» and «City blossoming for 2000 years.»

Participants of the event:

  • Representatives of international organizations and diplomatic missions, heads and representatives of government bodies, Akimats of regions and Astana and Almaty cities, as well as national companies, financial institutions and institutes of development of Kazakhstan;
  • Representatives of social organizations, chamber of entrepreneurs, trade missions, business councils, etc .;
  • foreign and Kazakh tour operators;
  • Kazakhstani and international media.