Migration issues

Migration issues

Question: We are the group of tourists from Moscow with Russian citizenship. We are going to visit Kazakhstan. Do we need registration and what is the procedure for registering it?


Question: What documents are needed for a citizen of Kazakhstan for temporary departure to the Russian Federation?


Answer: In accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan with a temporary departure from the Republic of Kazakhstan, the permission of the internal affairs bodies is not required. According to the Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan of May 23, 2005 No. 494 "On mutual visa-free travel of citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation", under the temporary application of the regime of mutual visa-free travel through the Kazakh-Russian state border of citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation, or internal passports of Russian citizens) and birth certificates for children (citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan who are under the age of 16 or citizens of the Russian Federation Federation - under 14 years of age).


Question: What are the actions of a foreign citizen in case he did not manage to register within 5 calendar days?


Answer: According to paragraph 1 of Article 394 of the Administrative Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a violation by a foreign citizen of the rules of stay in the Republic of Kazakhstan, expressed in non-compliance with the established procedure for registration, entails a warning or penalty of 10 to 20 monthly calculation indicators.


Question: I am a citizen of the Russian Federation. Arrived in the Republic of Kazakhstan by air. Is it possible to register in the migration card while in the airport?


Answer: The current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan stipulates that registration of foreigners up to 90 days without taking into account in the internal affairs bodies is carried out at 12 checkpoints across the state border of the Republic of Kazakhstan equipped with the Unified Automated System for Controlling the Entry, Stay and Departure of Foreign Citizens from the Republic of Kazakhstan (International Airports ) and in overseas institutions of the RK only citizens of 47 economically developed and politically stable countries (Order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of 22.12.2009.


No. 488 "Rules for Issuing Visas of the Republic of Kazakhstan", Appendix No. 2)


1. Australia


2. The Republic of Austria


3. The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg


4. The Republic of Hungary


5. The Hellenic Republic


6. The State of Israel


7. The State of Qatar


8. The Republic of Ireland


9. The Italian Republic


10. Kingdom of Denmark


11. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


12. The Kingdom of Spain


13. The Republic of Iceland


14. Canada


15. The Principality of Liechtenstein


16. Principality of Monaco


17. Kingdom of the Netherlands


18. The Kingdom of Norway


19. The Kingdom of Sweden


20. The Kingdom of Belgium


21. The Republic of Lithuania


22. The Republic of Latvia


23. New Zealand


24. United Arab Emirates


25. The Portuguese Republic


26. The Republic of Singapore


27. The Republic of Poland


28. The Republic of Croatia


29. Republic of Korea


30. The Republic of Bulgaria


31. The Republic of Cyprus


32. The Republic of Malta


33. The Republic of Slovenia


34. Romania


35. United States of America


36. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland


37. Slovak Republic


38. The Sultanate of Oman


39. The Republic of Finland


40. The French Republic


41. The Federal Republic of Germany


42. Federation of Malaysia


43. The Federal Republic of Brazil


44. Czech Republic


45. The Swiss Confederation


46. ​​The Republic of Estonia


47. Japan


This procedure will be implemented until the final state procedures for the approval of the Agreement by the member states of the Common Economic Space on the simplified procedure for the entry and stay of foreign citizens. Therefore, within 5 calendar days from the date of crossing the border, registration must be made in the internal affairs bodies.


Question: Arriving in Shymkent on a business visa, I registered with the migration police. I need to visit a number of cities in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Is it necessary to register in each host city?


Answer: According to the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated January 28, 2000 No. 136 "Separate issues of legal regulation of the stay of foreign citizens in the Republic of Kazakhstan", foreign citizens temporarily staying in the Republic of Kazakhstan are required to register within five calendar days from the date of crossing the State Border Republic of Kazakhstan at the place of his permanent or temporary residence. Registration of foreign citizens is carried out on identity documents for a period not exceeding the validity of the national passport of a foreign citizen and visa. Citizens who have arrived to the Republic of Kazakhstan from countries with which international treaties on visa-free entry and stay are available are registered with the internal affairs agencies for up to thirty days, and for citizens of the countries of the Customs Union ninety days, and in the future may be extended for the same terms .



Registration is made once by putting a mark in the migration card, which, if not