About Us

South - Kazakhstan tourist information center «Turkistan Tourism Center»

Tourist - Information Centre (TIC) was established in 2015 to provide information services for the purpose of tourism development, strengthening and development of the business environment in SKR. We offer  to residents and visitors to the region services in six directions. At the same time, provide them on the principle of "one contact". Here you can take a  hold help of representatives of tour operators, transport companies, guides, experts of the migration service. The second direction is - the research development of tourism potential in the region. In particular, the review of the cooperation with foreign countries, a selection of international tour operators, tour promoting the products of Central Asia, the formation of information base for tourists.

Thirdly, the center promotes the tourist image of the South Kazakhstan region, the  development of presentation videos for web portals, a series of billboards for placement in Shymkent, Astana, Almaty, the distributıon of advertising. In the duties of «Ontustik Tourism Сenter» also the definition of 500 large tour operators and the provision of tour routes, integration of work with foreign tourist centers. The fifth direction – is attracting  organization events, the sixth - to assist in the implementation of anchor tourist projects, attracting investment in tourism.

Objectives of the Centre:

- Providing of information services;

- Improving the MICE, tourist attractiveness of the SKR;

- Formation of a favorable image of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the international arena.

 Service of help desk and consultation:

- providing informational services;

- Personal counseling;

- Circulation of maps, guides, brochures, business cards.

 Marketing activities:

- The creation and distribution of promotional materials about the services the city of Shymkent and also planned events in the city;

- Promotion of tourist companies, hotels and other structures that provide services in Shymkent.

 Information and referral activities of the Centre:

- The establishment and regular updating of the information database;

- Providing relevant and reliable information about the objects and services industry events of cultural and public life of Shymkent.

 The purpose of the activities and tasks of the organization

According to the decision of akimat of South Kazakhstan region was created a tourist center of South Kazakhstan region «Ontustik Tourism Center» (- Center, etc.) №325 from 10.15.2015 year.

The main objective of the Centre - a tourist information provision and marketing promotion of the tourist potential of the region, constant analysis of the tourism industry, the organization and assistance in attracting event management, etc. TIC will promote the development of domestic tourism and promotion of tourism products of South Kazakhstan region on domestic and foreign markets.

 The main tasks of TIC are:

- Information support for tourists and marketing promotion of the region's tourist potential;

- Support for tourists (Call-centre, legal support, visa selection of tours and routes, tour guides and vehicles, ticket booking);

- Creation and management of tourist information portal;

- Constant analysis of the tourism industry and the development of proposals for its development;

- Organize and assistance in attracting events;

- Learning Center (courses in tourism management, training of tour guides, volunteers).

- Development of tourism business (rural tourism, ethno tourism, eco-tourism).

 The TIC will be concentrated representative of the migration police, tour operators, guides, transport companies. Thus, the tourists will be able to receive a set of tourist services on the principle of "one contact".

We offer to place its head office in the center of  Shymkent city, as well as to establish tourist information kiosks at the airport and at the railway station, where the manager-consultant will provide the necessary information assistance at the request of tourists and visitors to our region, as well as handing out advertising and distributing materials (magazines brochures, booklets, maps, videos itd) for their convenience.

Nowadays we are planning to open the similar tourist information kiosks in the city of Turkistan and Saryagash district.

Nowadays, created a one route with a three-day and five-day tour-operators of the South Kazakhstan region, conducted an analysis and inventory of tourist sites to identify the total number of placements and tourists. It is planned to receive TV program «Top Gear» on the territory of South Kazakhstan and Kyzylorda region, in this regard worked out a plan for the measures and directions for a test drive, also with the acquisition of sponsors is planned to held contest «Miss Tourism-2016" and "South-Kazakhstan in shot".