Description of the event held in November:


 On November 1, 2018, a press tour was held for media representatives of the Turkestan region and the national cultural autonomy of the Kazakh people in the Tyumen region. During the press tour, representatives of the Arystan Bab Mausoleum, Otrar village, Khodja Akhmet Yassaui Mausoleum and all Turkestan- Sultan has gone through the complex. In addition to the Master of popular Sufism, the Kazakh khans are also buried. The Yassaui mausoleum and architecture complex include 25 names of khans and sultans, including the famous rulers of the Kazakh Khanate, Esim Khan, Tauke Khan, Barak Khan, Abylay Khan, Kasim Khan and others.


Visitors from the Tyumen region visit all the Muslims in the Turkestan region of Kazakhstan to the sacred sites of the mausoleum of Arystanbab and the Mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi. Chairman of the national-cultural autonomy of the Tyumen region Esengali Ibraev told the Tyumen correspondent: "This is a common place for all Muslims from Central Asia." We are not far from Siberia, but these lands are attractive. My parents have been here many times. This is the third time I am here. Whenever I read the suras of the Koran, I find spiritual strength. It is a great spiritual force.


As a rule, many of the saints who have come to Turkestan fully dedicate themselves to the spiritual component and deal with other issues, reach a unique atmosphere under the famous mausoleum or they do not have time to study all the objects of the spiritual-historical complex


So often the rulers of the Kazakh land are buried under the ropes of the dome, often ignoring it. Representatives of the Tyumen Kazakhs Autonomy have dedicated not only Khoja Ahmed Yasavidis of Turkestan, Azret-sultan, but also khans and devoted verses of the Holy Quran.


Ablai Khan, one of the leaders of the three-faced head, is buried 2 meters to the right of Khoja Ahmed Yassaui. Khan's tomb takes two niches. Originally depicted by poet Magzhan Zhumabaev and poetry written on black granite in honor of the khan's descendants. Second, there is a grave of Ablai Khan.


Our delegation allowed the complex administration to take photos and videos as a sign of honor for the guests from Russia. The press tour for journalists was organized jointly with the Department of Tourism and External Relations of Turkestan Oblast and jointly with Air Astana, together with the national cultural autonomy of the Kazakh people in the Tyumen region. Today, thanks to the opening of Air Astana direct flights between Tyumen and Astana, you can reach ancient Turkestan for several hours and see the Great Steppe.


At the end of the press tour the delegation met with the Deputy Akim of Turkestan region Taszhurek Yerbol Kuanyshuly. During the meeting, the guests discussed a number of issues of cooperation between Turkestan and Tyumen region.