The museum in memory of the victims of political repressions was opened in November 2, 2001 and dated for the 10-th anniversary of Kazakhstan Independence. Being the first kind in our country the new museum can be considered as one of the remarkable initiations of Kazakh society and government having concern about the historical justice with the aim to rehabilitate and memorialize the victims of political repressions.

Exterior architecture and interior design of the museum are build according to the certain themes, that is to the memory of the victims of political repressions. The architector and designer is the Honoured Art Worker of Kazakhstan A. Naimanbai.

There are two halls in the museum: Exposition Hall and Memorial Hall which is situated on the second floor.

The key exposition is the sculpture «Repression».

The author of which are Erkin Mergenov, Ermek Erzhanov, and sculptors: Nursultan Zhubaniyazov, Abzal Bakbaev, Bakdaulet Erkinbekov and Gaziz Zimuhanov.

In the center of museum exposition we can see the portrait gallery of outstanding politicians and public figures of Kazakhstan, the victims of political repressions: A. Bukeykhanov, A. Baitursynov, M. Dulatov, M. Shokay, Zh. Aymauitov, V. Zhumabaev, T. Ryskulov, S. Sadvakasov, S. Asfendiyarov, T. Zhurgenev, S. Seyfullin, I. Zhansugurov, B. Baylin, Sh. Kudayberdiev, Zh. Shanin, O. Zhandosov.

The visitors of the museum can have a look at the history of Kazakhstan:

-         Goloshchkin`s idea of “Small October” caused the terrible disaster and tragedy of Kazakh people.

-         Rebellion of “sharua” (poor peasants) in Sozak.

-         Starvation causer the death of more than 3 million Kazakh people.

-         Immigration of more than 1 million Kazakh people left Kazakhstan in nomadic way for China, Afghanistan and Iron to save life of their children.

-         Reprisals against 25 000 Kazakh people including 2 500 Kazakh people from the Southern Kazakhstan Region in the years of mass terror.

-         Tragic destiny of the prisoners of “Alzhir” prison camp (Akmolinsk prison camp for the wives of “homeland traitors”), where the wives of outstanding politicians and public figures of Kazakhstan were imprisoned and stigmatized by society without guilt, where they prematurely became widows.

-         Zheltoksan. The insurrection of young people for Independent Kazakhstan.

Memorial Hall of the museum is open to bow to the boards with the names of 2500 people executed by shooting in the 30’th years in the Southern Kazakhstan Region.